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The goal of AFSSE is to bring together many independent, entrepreneurial minds in order to create opportunities for growth and development and to provide financial security and independence, by empowering those that have chosen to live the life of being self-employed. AFSSE strives to provide information, benefits and services that will allow members to focus on their business and not on the everyday stresses of running their business, such as: tax issues or even concern over continuation of income if they are unable to work.

AFSSE provides information on how to set up a business from the start, organization of the business and provides tips and ideas on growing your business and much more. By utilizing AFSSE’s business organization kit, members can start up or re-organize their current business, for convenient tax reporting.

AFSSE offers a rich benefit program full of perks for members that includes travel discounts, special pricing at stores and access to benefits traditionally offered to large corporations, such as accident plans, life insurance and even short-term disability coverage that provide monthly income to the household if the self-employed family member is unable to work due to illness or injury. Also, available are critical illness coverage, identity theft protection and legal plans for the family, individual and businesses, giving members access to attorneys for legal questions, collections assistance, letters, contract review and more.

AFSSE is here for you. Please contact us with new products or service ideas that can help our members become even more successfully self employed.All benefits are available to all members nationwide except where prohibited.Check out other Association Benefits!



Our goal is to provide a benefit rich membership that will provide all members with up-to-date information, services and program features that enrich your lives. As such, we continuously search out new benefit features and ways to offer more so that your hard earned dollars continue to go further and provide more. Furthermore, we realize how valuable your time is. Our online portal is intended to provide every bit of information you are looking for, on demand, at your fingertips. In addition, we realize some situations need a hands-on touch. You can call and speak with a live person to assist you with any questions or situations. We love talking with our members. It is evident that we continuously strive to improve member benefits and pricing to make sure you have the industry best. We want your participation in this association to make your life more simple and more full. You deserve it!

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  •  Fixed Life Insurance

Becoming a member of the Association For Successfully Self-Employed (AFSSE) is easy! Simply complete the Membership Application form below and an enrollment team member will get in touch with you if other information is needed to complete the membership process.

Basic AFSSE Membership Includes these Benefits:

  • Discounts on Continuing Education
  • Discount on products for personal & professional use (Perks & Discounts)
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Motivational support program
  • Life Insurance Benefit $10,000
  • Access to tax-preparation services
  • Handy Dandy Tax Booklet & Forms
  • Receive gift with new membership – See the Loyalty Program page for listing of gifts currently available.
  • Access to tax-preparation services

New Members

As a “Welcome to AFSSE” for our new members please select one of the gifts below as a thank you for joining AFSSE.

Continuing Members

As you continue to accumulate points throughout your membership in AFSSE, you will become eligible to choose more gifts throughout the year! Call 513-520-0939 to redeem your gift.

60 points accumulated will qualify for one additional gift.

How to accumulate points:

  • 10 Points for every month you are a member
  • 20 points for every successful referral that leads to a paid membership


You won’t believe the variety of the Perks and Discounts that are included in your AFSSE membership! Free items, discount coupons for savings off every day or special events and special member only pricing for other items. Be sure to check here before you go out to dinner, movie or fun with the family!

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Romans 14:13AFSSE would like to share hope and encouragement each day with our members.

Please join us for today’s written verse of the day.

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Cash Accumulation policies are a permanent option and the benefit may continue to the end of your life, even if you live beyond 125 years

The policies accumulate cash value and provide additional financial security for retirement, unexpected catastrophic expenses along the way or

even to be used to subsidize new life adventures, such as buying a house or paying college tuition for kids or grandkids.

We Are Here To Help

AFSSE is here for you. Please contact us with new products or service ideas that can help our members become even more successfully self employed.All benefits are available to all members nationwide except where prohibited.Check out other Association Benefits!

Telehealth 24/7*

With the help of several benefit partners, AFSSE can now offer a Virtual Health Care Clinic!

Dental Coverage*

Save on general dentistry, x-rays, fillings, cleanings, root canals, crowns, orthodontia and periodontics

Super Wellness Plan

Specialty Lab – Super Wellness Plan

Monthly Newsletter

Receive one newsletter per month. Filled with the latest and greatest news from UC Santa Cruz.

Up to a $25.00 Rebate from one of the companies listed on the offer. Choose from Gasoline, Retailers of Hospitality

Entitles the recipient and a companion to enjoy 3 days and 2 nights of complimentary lodging at one of the offered destinations

Entitles the recipient and a companion to enjoy seven 3-day/ 2-night vacations of complimentary lodging at one of each of the featured resort areas: Orlando, FL Beaches, Hawaii, St. Thomas, Eastern U.S, Western U.S & Mexico